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Introducing Bulbine MAX 5:1from Health24

Safe, effective, testosterone stimulant.

Bulbine MAX 5:1 is a safe and effective way to rapidly increase your testosterone levels without negative side effects.

        Benefits of improved testosterone are:

    • Reduced flabbiness, particularly abdominal fat Increase in stamina.
    • Reduced fatigue.
    • Increased masculine confidence.
    • Increased sex drive.

Bulbine MAX 5:1 contains our unique Bulbine natalensis 5:1 plant extract which our in-house blood tests have shown will improve testosterone by 35% in 14 days.

We guarantee results, or your money back – no questions asked.

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Aloe leaf - Natural Laxative

The ancient herbal medicine used by the San Bushmen as a natural cleansing herb. Our Aloe leaf VegeCaps offer you a gentle dose of this wonderous laxative to help cleanse your body of stored toxins in the colon. Cleansing your colon is one of those things that can make a very powerful difference to your quality of life because you are removing poisonous (toxic) waste that's been stored there for years. Often a good colonic cleanse leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized with more energy, clearer energy and a healthier body and mind.
R 173,80

Bulbine MAX 5:1

Bulbine MAX 5:1 is a potent performance enhancer that will boost your testosterone levels by a minimum of 35% - 85% over 14 days. Bulbine MAX 5:1 contains Bulbine natalensis stem which has been strengthened by 500% using a unique and accurate extraction method. Bulbine MAX is a 100% pure Bulbine natalensis product, with no added testosterone boosters and is safe to use.
R 223,46

Devil’s Claw

Anti-arthritic, Analgesic
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Hoodia – Appetite Suppressant

Hoodia is a succulent from the Kalahari Desert and the San Bushmen have used it for centuries as a wild food and a natural appetite suppressant
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Hypoxis: African Potato

Hypoxis is a powerful African medicinal plant used in the treatment of HIV. Its well known as an immune enhancer containing sterols and sterolins which have been shown to be beneficial at enhancing an under-active immune system or decreasing an overactive system. Hypoxis stands out as the single most widely used natural treatment for HIV in Africa and its promoted by traditional healers across Southern Africa
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Pelargonium - Colds & Flu

This wonderful African plant has been well proven to reduce the severity and duration of the common cold, especially for infections of the lungs (bronchia). Its the single ingredient in Germany’s most popular herbal cough syrup for children “Umckaloabo”. Pelargonium helps boost the immune system and it attacks the flu virus, so your cold doesn’t get the chance to develop into a full-blown, bed-bound, time-waster. There really is no cure for the common cold, but using Pelargonium has been proven to reduce the severity and duration of your cold, and that goes a long way helping you get better. In cases of Bronchitis, Pelargonium extracts have been shown to be particularly effective, so remember this one for next time you, your family or a friend are down with flu.
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